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Undoubtedly, we have long had exposure to several powerful varieties of cannabis; every day, new developments are made in the industry. We are delighted to provide an amazing list of some of the most popular varieties or new blends such as Cookies Gelato from TaleOfTwoStrains and Triple G, plus some of the old timer’s cannabis user’s favorite!

What are the strongest cannabis strains?

It is not always easy to decide the intensity of cannabis. After you have picked which strain you want to use, a variety of variables influence the THC value of the product.

The big external factors impacting your bud’s intensity are: environment (for instance, indoor/outdoor), increasing level (for example, soil or hydroponics), amounts of nutrients, light supply, temperature and moisture, and carbon dioxide rates. Genetics also influence plant ability. Genetics contains all the plant information. How much THC and CBD generate, how they feel, taste, and evolve. Cannabis reveals much like humans, a combination of characteristics of its parent varieties.

And we have the way out now, what are the strongest cannabis strains?

Cookies Gelato

In hybrid with Girl Scout and Gelato, the well-named Gelato cookies are a new addition on the cannabis list and have more than won its spot. In addition to the delicious taste and fragrance of the parent strains, you can see that they have high THC level; around 28 percent, giving a comfortable euphoric blast, this combination means that you don’t go too far into one direction, even though you move for the stars. If you are a new smoker or new cannabis user, this may not be for you, but COOKIES GELATO is a luxurious treat for seasoned consumers.

Royal Gorilla

Gorilla genetics has only recently been available outside the United States. Eventually, the chance to taste this form of knockout is here with Royal Queen Seeds’ Royal Gorilla. Such surprisingly, light green plants have a THC level of 26%. Its incredibly ecstatic height comes with mouth-watering pine-tone citrus flavors. The healthy high is ideal for many users.


Colorado was one of the first US states to allow pot for pleasure. The first movers in society have created some of mankind’s most remarkable combinations. A rare highlight is now taking the world by storm and has traveled to Europe and beyond. In a short space of time following its success at the 2014 High Times Cannabis Cup, HulkBerry has reached cultic status. The strength of this strain with a THC content exceeding 28% was unmistakable. A potent blend of Indica and Sativa results, the breeding of OG Kush with Strawberry Diesel, follows a delicious fruity flavor.

Green Gelato

TaleOfTwoStrains Green Gelato is a must-try strain for any weed enthusiast with a delicious fragrance and taste. Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint Cookies, ‘Gelato’s parents” are known for their warmth and good taste, with 25% of THC content is best strain for new and old cannabies users.

Regardless of the strain to seek, note that the words “powerful” and “potent” do not necessarily imply “good quality.” We have worked very hard to recognize the world’s most effective strains of marijuana. For further information on weed strain, please comment below in the comment box.

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