Is your togoweed device not giving you the same vape experience anymore? Inspect the battery connection; it may be coated or clogged. If this happens, clean that portion with a Q-tip soaked in rubbing alcohol and let it dry. Reconnect your cartridge to the battery. Do not over tighten your vape. Make sure the battery is turned on and fully charged.

Vaping is meant to be a pleasurable and comfortable experience. A vape fanatic knows there is nothing more frustrating than looking forward to a good vape session and then having it disrupted by your not-working vape. At, togoweed, we have a troubleshooting checklist that you can use as a reference to fix your device. Sometimes it takes a little more effort to solve the issue; in that case, Togoweed’s vast selection of vape pens, vape oils, THC vapes, weed cartridges, batteries, CBD, and more will help your vape get back on track and towards the high-quality experience you deserve.

Check out this troubleshooting guide to the most common vape issues:

  1. Device Won’t Turn On

There could be various reasons why your device won’t turn on the straightaway.

Possible fixes;

  • Ensure the battery door is closed and remove residue if any is blocking the battery connection.
  • Reactivate the power according to the instructions.

If both the solution doesn’t work, you need to replace your vape’s battery. Shop for the compatible and efficient Pen or CCell Palm Battery at togoweed.

  1. The device is Making Noises

Your device shouldn’t make any gurgling sounds.

Possible Fixes;

  • You’ve overfilled your tank. Remove the excess liquid from the tank.
  1. E-Liquid In Your Mouth

You vape for the vapor, not for the oil.

Possible fixes;

  • You’re taking in too strong of a draw; the simple fix is to slow down your pace.
  1. Not Enough Flavor

If you’re not satisfied with the taste, explore the massive range of different e-liquid flavor combinations available at Togoweed.

Possible fixes;

  • Blow on your cartomizer; this gets the liquid flowing.
  • Probably you have a vaper’s tongue, drink LOADS of water.
  1. Not Enough Vapor

Are you struggling to get a good draw? Few technical issues could be causing low cloud production.

Possible fixes;

  • Clean the tank and the contacts between coil and mod.
  • Clean the threading on the atty and battery.
  • Try liquid with higher VG content.
  • Clean off any buildup around the atomizer coil to improve cloud production.

Closing Thoughts

So, there you go: togoweed vape troubleshooting problems can come up, but lucky for you, most conditions call for a quick fix to set your device straight! Also, your Togoweed needs to be taken care of to function well in the long run.