Four creative best ways to smoke cannabis

There is no correct way of smoking weed; it all comes down to what suits you more. If you think you can tap into the mystery of what enhances the effect of weed more than it already has, then you might just have made everyone’s day. But Togoweed offers creative ways on the Best ways to smoke. The online dispensary Togoweed offers amazing strains of weed that can be used in many recreational ways as well.

Smoking Weed

Weed has been around for centuries; no one actually knows when weed was actually discovered or even used. But as scientific approaches increased, weed was no longer a spiritual guide; rather, it was termed a therapeutic or medicinal product, which has cannabinoids that activate different centers of the rain. Smoking weed from Togoweed has helped many individuals with pain and mental disorders.

Creative Ways to Smoke Weed

The creativity with smoking weed can never end; it can only be taken as a benchmark. Points are one of the oldest and most common ways of smoking weed, and it has been termed as one of the Best ways to smoke.

  1. Corn Ears

Weed does not need many items to make it work. All you need is a wrap; corn ears are just as effective as and safer than any other paper you might use.

  1. Electric conduction

Who knew modern technology could be so effective in weed inhalation, the paper crip smoldering technique has become one of the famous and easy weed inhalation techniques.

  1. The apple bore

Who knew apples can be used as a pipe to have weed effects made much sweeter. One of the Best ways to smoke is to bore into the apple core, place an aluminum foil around it, burn your weed in the middle and inhale as you heat it.

  1. Wisdom and Weed

Empty your pens unscrew the metallic caps; place your weed at the end, and heat. It is the easiest and yet most stylish way to smoke your weed.


You may not know, but the world of marijuana is boundary less. Togoweed offers amazing strains of weed and provides insights on the Best ways to smoke their smooth weed strains.