The best cannabis strains for pain

Pain is the number one explanation that people turn first to therapeutic cannabis from Tale of two strains, and a series of clinical trials have proven that the herb will help us battle many forms of pain. But this left us with a serious discussion: What are the right pain strains with so many different varieties of cannabis?

Through exchanging details about how cannabis helps us battle pain and offering you detailed strain tips, we will guide you in the right direction.

Best Pain Strains: How Cannabis Combat Pain

The well-documented anti-inflammatory effects of cannabis are usually quite effective in nociceptive pain. THC and CBD have both anti-inflammatory properties and fight each pain in a variety of ways; one factor is that the most effective pain strains often produce a strong proportion of both.


This powerhouse strain has an extremely CBD-high cannabinoid ratio that creates very few intoxicating effects. It aids many patients with a clear head to treat pain, anxiety, and more.

White Widow

This high THC strain has an ideal CBD shield for reducing some of its effects. People love its daytime or nighttime flexibility and willingness to control discomfort. This powerful strain is best option for those who need quick relief from chronic pain.

CBD Sour Cyclone

This is another versatile strain for pain with an almost medically ideal 2:1 CBD to THC relationship. In so far as the ratio is concerned, you can experience little psychoactive effects; many users love their taste and it is very effective for those who need quick soothing from pain.


Shurman is a versatile strain and is also ideal for use day or night, helping to relax anxiety and frustrations while enhancing confidence and focus.

CBD Critical Mass

He was picked up as effective in handling pain, stress and inflammation. It is not only extraordinarily medicinal but also delicious, happy, and uplifting with earthy, woody, and sweet flavors.


Probably one of the most popular high CBD strains in North America, Harlequin manages fear, persistent pain, nausea, and cramps.

It is often described as having clear and elevating effects.

Master Kush

Tale of two strains Descending from some of Afghanistan’s earliest lands, Master Kush is a common choice in her heavy blanket of crystal trichomes for pain with potency. Master Kush doesn’t just cover the body in relaxing relief; he can also release the mind from tensions that emerge naturally from pain.