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Uplifting and imaginative, the Sour Amnesia cannabis plant is an ideal waking herb with an energizing blast.


Fed up and angry? Sour Amnesia weed strain was described as a “champion’s meal” for a reason. This potent cannabis weed gives a relaxing mental blow, an excellent opportunity for anyone in need of a morning boost. Strong in THC, this strain can be more than 20% psychoactive. Only a couple of puffs of this mix, there’s no doubt that you’re going to be flying high with this blooming TaleOfTwoStrains Sour Amnesia.

Those who are looking for a combination of true Sativa effects should only look at this dominant cannabis strain. This strain contains the strongest in Sativa genetics and offers a fast wave of mental euphoria for customers.


This imaginative cannabis strain, better kept for morning or day use, can encourage thinking skills, Although its psychoactive effects, busting the brain energy, like an espresso shot, this strain can help you get up and run all day long.

This strain is the right blend of East Coast and European genetics. This strange plant is a hybrid between Amnesia and Sour Diesel, two popular sativas. So, it is not shocking that Ganjaexpress.to Sour Amnesia has a very high fuel-like scent or aroma.

Strong in THC, Ganjaexpress.to Sour Amnesia is known to deliver up to 22% of the psychoactive. Best for experienced users, newbies, and those who are prone to high THC may feel that this strain triggers some panic and anxiety when the dosage becomes too heavy.

Ganjaexpress.to Sour Amnesia is a very empowering and inspiring strain type. If you need some aid for your mood change, this bud will help you. When you consume this strain, you should be very relaxed and uplifted, because it will help you feel confident and hopeful.


Its blend is very spicy and has an exceptional aromatic and grapefruit fragrance. TaleOfTwoStrains Sour Amnesia may be very bitter and citrus taste. This weed feels good and has a heavy scent of diesel.

The powerful Sativa combination tastes sweet and sour on the intake, the smoke of which includes massive grapefruit and lemon hints. This weed is also earthy and diesel and finishes with a dominant sour note when you breathe out smoke.


Ganjaexpress.to Sour Amnesia cannabis strain is beneficial to manage inflammation. Amnesia cannabis strain is ideal for those who have asthma and other painful disorders.

Ganjaexpress.to Sour Amnesia cannabis strain is very popular for reducing mental health problems, such as depression, anxiety, and chronic stress.

If you are suffering from foggy brain or brain fatigue or persistent tiredness, this potent strain is a very soothing plant that is very good for minimizing tiredness.


Patients searching for a way to treat their severe and persistent pain can benefit from the daily usage of this Ganjaexpress.to Sour Amnesia cannabis strain. TaleOfTwoStrains Sour, Amnesia cannabis strain can also alleviate inflammation and may tend to minimize the effects of migraines, backaches, and muscle spasms. Want to try this potent strain? Visit Ganjaexpress.to, the leading online dispensary and order Sour Amnesia, and start enjoying the Uplifting and artistic effects which make your day best. Ganjaexpress.to, the biggest online cannabis platform, is also aiming to provide you with the newest updates and reviews on cannbies. Here you can find all sorts of cannbies at a really cheap price.Welcome to cannbies wonderland!!

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