MJN Express gives you 3 unique ways to soothe your muscles

Whether you’re starting a new workout routine or you’re a fitness freak, sore muscles for you may not be something new. It’s normal to feel achy and tight about 24-48 hours after a really hard hit at the gym. But the good news is that you can calm your muscles down in no time now. Get the MJN Express bath bombs, oils, and fizz to have an incredible experience of relief and relaxation.

When was the last time you went to a hard workout? Did it hurt to get up from the bed the next day? Maybe you even walked funny? Bath bombs and bath fizzes have been a trend in skincare for the last few years – not just these colorful spheres make the bath water look fascinating, but also because of their contents like essential oils that help elevate a typical relaxing soak to another level. Now, it’s time to add THC and CBD to the mix and enjoy another level of benefits too. MJN Express offers an incredible range of bath bombs, fizzes, tinctures, and more to nourish your skin and soothe your sour muscles. Combine cannabis and ease your next-day-workout pain and stretched muscles.

Kush Kosmetics – Brown Sugar & Fig 1:1 Bath Bomb

Draw a hot bath and add this refreshing and rejuvenating bath bomb in equal parts of CBD and THC. These bath bombs are an excellent addition to your relaxation routine. With a delicious scent to give you a heap of relaxation, the combination of cannabinoids and heat will loosen every joint and relieve your discomfort. MJN Express‘s bombs are packed with nutrients to leave your skill feeling silky and help ease sore muscles to improve circulation.

Kush Kosmetics –Citrus CBD Bath Fizz

With this cannabis-infused bath fizz, treat those tight and sore muscles to a soothing mineral-rich soak. Filled with the nourishing and therapeutic properties, the fizz also carries added benefits of Dead Sea, Himalayan pink salt to give your body, mind, and skin an experience they will say thank you for! It’s sulfate-free and has a balanced blend of THC and CBD contents to get fully absorbed in your skin and leave you with healthy and happy muscles.

Indigenous Bloom – CBD Remedy Roller

Does that spot on your hip feels weird after every run? Try this warrior remedy roller to help ease the ache. This is specially made with six essential oils; clove, cinnamon bark, lemon, eucalyptus, and rosemary. Positive, antibacterial, and antiseptic properties of each essential oil paired with CBD oil give you unbeatable benefits and diminishes pain and inflammation. Together these essential oils truly make a WARRIOR blend!

Choose the right products from MJN Express and give yourself the treatment you deserve!