The Strain in Spotlight at Mega Marijuana Store – Bubba Kush

There are countless reasons to consume weed. However, over the last few years, it has become the go-to remedy for common daily diseases and their symptoms. For example, Bubba Kush – the Indica dominant strain prescribed by therapists to fight stress and anxiety, soothe chronic pains, and eliminate insomnia. Why opt for tablets and injections when you can always replace them with a remedy of natural origin? Order your Bubba Kush from Mega Marijuana Store

The Facts

One of the essential elite’ strains, when it comes to Indica strains, is Bubba Kush. It is undoubtedly one of the heavy, giving relaxing effects strain, the one which you would look forward to after the long workday. In the bigger picture, it is all that you want to smoke during a busy day. The parental lineage of Buba Kush is uncertain but is said to be originated from California. However, most theories direct towards OG Kush in playing a significant role in the strain’s ancestry, claiming that Afghan Kush or Northern lights are part of the mixture. The vague history aside, this one strain is a potent Indica that cannot be beaten. Place your order right now at Mega Marijuana Store to please your palate with this delight strain while enjoying a full-body relaxation.

The Appearance, Aroma, & Feel of Bubba Kush

If we talk about the physical characteristics of Bubba Kush from Mega Marijuana Store, then they are just as impressive as the strain itself. Busy, lush forest of green buds with a purple tinge, along with a healthy sprinkle of frosty trichomes.

As you take notes of its beauty, you’ll be hit with a pungent hashy, spicy, and yet delicious scent. It also poses the aromatic combination of earthy, chocolate-y, and even fruity aromas. This is one of a kind strain that shows no mercy on any of your senses.

Uses and Effects of Bubba Kush

Being a potent Indica, you don’t have to worry about being a prisoner to the couch when having this strain. The body-melting feels it brings still allows you to function and socialize a little. It’s because of the terpene pinene present in it. However, if you want to repeat, make sure you don’t reach for it during the daytime, but to enjoy the strain go somewhere peaceful where you can indulge in utmost relaxation. Bubba Kush at Mega Marijuana Store can ease anxiety, depression and help elevate your mood. If you need relief from deep-seated pains and aches or something to help you have a peaceful sleep, this is an optimal choice.

The Downsides

The downside for some will always be the upside for others. This strain is not for people with zero tolerance to THC. Bubba Kush available at Mega Marijuana Store contains THC content in 15% – 22.5%. High THC can result in dry mouth and increased appetite.