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There are several varieties that you can’t help but enjoy their innovative nicknames. A perfect example of this is the Hippie Crippler, who always makes good on his claim. The extreme intensity of the mystical high provided by this Cheap Weed Hippie Crippler strain is the material of myths.


Cheap Weed Hippie Crippler strain produced by the genetics of Blue Satellite with AK-47, Hippie Crippler high moves you into another dimension and keeps you there for hours, and there you forget all your useless worries. Hippie Crippler is another case of a strain that doesn’t lend its presence too much. It is not beautiful to look at, and it has relatively small nuggs in size, which are incredibly thick inside, but they earned no beauty competitions. The development of amber trichomes results in a yellowish gives good looks, but hardly eye-catching.


Cheap Weed Hippie Crippler has a unique aroma profile, which is a bit of a crowd-splitter that releases the most unbelievably glad, aromatic, and earthy scent that is amplified when fully treated. Hippie Crippler buds have a strong smell of pine and pepper when broked. It tastes like pure heaven, and the smoke is pure and enjoyable, with a mildly spicy and fruity aftertaste with a lot of aromatic hash.


The name of Hippie Crippler is a bit confusing. It is not considered to be a couch-locker as one might assume for a title such as “Crippler.” Cheap Weed Hippie Crippler is highly advised for daytime usage because it gives a burst of energy to the brain. The sensation occurs mainly in the brain, but its high body will overpower its influential cognitive impact because it is known to induce tingles.


Cheap Weed Hippie Crippler is a suitable cure for discomfort, fatigue, cramps, or other neuropathic disorders.

Those who suffer from debilitating conditions but want to spent a good day or anyone who wants to do vigorous exercise must try this fantastic strain.

This Cheap Weed Hippie Crippler can also help the user with pain, anxiety, and depression. This is the best option for those who need some energy on a busy day.


Cheap Weed Hippie Crippler has been identified with excellent anti-inflammatory properties that render it ideal as an herbal cure for chronic pain, headaches, cramps. This is also a common strain in patients with moderate anxieties and depression.

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