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It has several other names known by users such as Cush, Green Cush, TaleOfTwoStrains, and the Green Goddess.  The praises about the Green Crack Goddess has not been mistaken, as the estimate from the laboratories shows that the THC levels ranging from 12% to 20%. The users prefer its usage as it produces recreational habits, especially during the day. It has a citric like test which feels enjoyable to the users although it also has fusty odours when smoked. Ones used, it can stimulate the mind very fast, making the user stay focused and motivated to accomplish any task. Its ability to make the users energized also makes them more productive and gives them more elaborate ideas on the task as well as innovative and inventive skills. Some consumers engage in activities such as abnormal exercising and running. It may also trigger users to poses strange social skills; thus, they may seem to have much more exciting vibes than when they are not under the influence of cannabis. Such energizing states is felt for some hours immediately after use then the people start to change when the applicability begins to loosen up. They begin to feel heaviness with visible characters such as interests in watching moving and staying for longer hours without sleep. It is locally available to the users both online and in the political dispensations. Analysts recommend its usage from the afternoon or during evenings.

The Green Crack Goddess from, TaleOfTwoStrains, has the potential to treat patients who have symptoms of the same. It also cures patient who is profoundly affected by depression, stress and relieve of pain, especially to patient with higher tolerance to the THC. It relieves pain from inflamed parts of the body, for example, after a patient has been severely injured and is taken to the theatre.

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