Cannabis is for everyone, and it’s worth highlighting that your Dad will also experience its wonders in the same way. Surprise your Dad with the gift which will keep him lifted on his birthday. Check out this guide to weed-themed father’s birthday present.  GetKush has plenty of perfect presents for your Dad.

How are you celebrating your father’s birthday this year? Are you planning to have a nice lunch at home, grill outside, or simply spending quality time with the complete family? Don’t forget a thoughtful gift for him. Whether he is a new bee in this weed world, curious about CBD, or is an experienced consumer, GetKush  has something for everyone.

For a Curious Dad; 500MG THC Tincture – Green Goddess: So if he is asking you about the therapeutic benefits of cannabinoid but have no clue where to start? Give him this tincture that can help with sleep, pains, aches, and over-all being. These tinctures are not processed directly by the digestive system but through absorption via oral mucosa into the bloodstream. It is a perfect gift for him if he is a non-smoker.

If your Dad is new to Cannabis; 200MG THC Infused Dark Chocolate – Adorable: Ease your Dad’s transition from CBD to THC by sending him these infused chocolates; this dark chocolate will enchant his senses with an exquisite bliss. The best part? It’s handcrafted from the finest Belgian chocolate and premium quality cannabis.  Each bar has almost 200mg of THC so that it won’t be too hard. Shop one for your father at GetKush before it’s out of stock.

For an Edibles Fanatic Dad; Astronaut Gummy Stars 50MG x 2 Raspberry: Sweet and sour, these delicious and easy to chew gummy candy will uplift your Dad’s help him relax. Each star gummy contains 50 MG of THC dosage that will have your body, mind, and taste buds soaring into space.

If your Dad is a Flower Lover; Strawberry Cheesecake (AA): Like the name says, expect this hybrid to have a sweet taste while leaving you with a well-balanced high ideal for both even and daytime consumption. This Indica-dominant hybrid at GetKush lives up to its name as it has a unique aroma, similar to that of cheesecake, with hints of fresh strawberries. This strain will make your father euphoric and uplifted with a strong sense of mental stimulation. The effects are not overwhelming rather satisfying if your Dad is suffering from anxiety and depression. Furthermore, this also works best in treating chronic pain.