If you are looking for treats that have THC that means you need a cozy and quiet night with a few friends, watching a movie, and having a quiet dinner. Because after having a full-body high other than being a couch potato Distillate Direct, THC edibles have no other job. There is a long list of edibles from Distillate Direct, be sure to pick the best!

THC and treats

THC is a Cannabis ingredient that is accountable for its psychoactive effects; other than that, it is also used medically for the treatment of some different conditions and even diseases. The incorporation into edible snacks increases the duration of action and potency. It also serves as an easy way to be dosed throughout the day.

Quality of THC

The Quality of THC depends on the extraction process and extensive process of refining. However, Hash has the higher levels of THC, but other concentrates available on the market have lesser levels. But the Distillate Direct edibles are amazing and are dosed according to the use per day.

The quality of the THC is premium as they grow and extract their own cannabis. The Best treats you can buy are;

1. Potluck chocolates -300MG THC

The 12 piece slab of this amazing smooth maple beacon chocolate is a sweet and savvy way to get your daily doses. These sweet treats are the best on-hand cannabis products specially made for people who need the effect to last long.

2. Herbivore chocolates (THC)

This cute herbivore chocolate is a cute and yummy way to enjoy the day or the activity. The THC levels are high in these chocolates that serve a long duration for the effects.

3. Ganja baked- White chocolate chip brownie 400-mg

These amazing pot peonies have almost 400mg of THC per brownie; they can be enjoyed with morning coffee or after-dinner dessert.


The Distillate Direct THC is bitter, but as edible, it works far more potent. So for masking the bitterness, it is incorporated in sweet edible treats to be easily consumed.