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It is a type of Cheap Weed cannabis which is new in the market and of a higher quality hybrid. The strain is made from a mixture of death Star and Budda Kush. In the 1990s it has its famous names as California dope scene, Cypress Hill, counting Snoop Dogg and Dr Dre. Its genetical form presents a considerable variety of cannabis. It is a strain that has a 100% Indica with THC comprising of 15-22%. It is sedative in nature with many of Kush attributes. After taking in the first time, it naturally sends the users off physically and starts to feel as if they are in the sky and afterwards it generates a lot of energy where sometimes people under this strain, do their task abnormally. It serves best for users who have interests in elevating depression, stress and insomnia symptoms.

Also a Cheap Weed, the Death Bubbas makes smokers to be motivated and have a focus in what they pursue. It usually causes them to have higher advances in terms of drifting away from the social functions where they less concentrate on what others are attentively doing thus concentrating on their thoughts. It is recommendable for use during the evening as it makes users sleepy such that they feel as if they are in a coffin. The strain also has a way of stimulating anxiety mood swings for the users who want to outburst joy and feeling of relaxation.

The Death Bubbas is medicinal. It is used in a most medical institution for a patient with specific symptoms because of its ability to make the body numb, especially for patients with severe pain and undergoing surgery. For the beginners, the users should take with a lot of caution because of its higher levels of THC as it may cause advance side effects. Intermediate or experienced smokers can make it as they used from other previous versions of the same.

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