If you’re fresh to Vaping, or maybe you’ve been around but never paying that much attention, you might have heard the words “dab pen” and “vape pen.” Dab pen and vape pen are such that a newbie couldn’t see many differences between them.

Dab Pen

dab pen is one that is used primarily to absorb dabs. Instead of the traditional dried herb or e-liquid, the dabs are tiny little THC concentrates. The dab pen contains the same components as the vape pen and functions the same way.

dab pen placed in a dab pen should be tiny enough to be heated to the point of vaporization without burning. The dabs are directly placed on the coils and heated so that they melt on the wick to absorb the product. The wick then warms up the material that creates the vapor that is then inhaled.

Difference between a vape pen and dab pen

There is a variation between how each form of pen operates and in the components of both. However, there are more variations than that. Vape types will usually only be used for liquid THC forms. Dab types may only be used for dabs.

The vape dab pen is considered more common than the dab pen for beginners. It’s because it’s more associated with CBD than with THC. THC is, by definition, not a harmful substance. In reality, doctors also recommend CBD items that contain THC to enhance medicinal effects.

In certain ways, the dab pen and the vape pen are very similar. Both pens are lightweight, energy-consuming, highly discreet, and extremely convenient to use. The main difference is that you use concentrates, such as wax, Budders, and shatters, in dab pens, whereas vape pens are normally used for dried herbs.

Some vape pen state they can work with both, but it is much easier to purchase a dab pen if you want to consume dabs.