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The strain of cookies and cream from Tale of Two Strains is almost taste like vanilla- and delicious and soft as the ice cream; that is why it is called cookies and cream. It has a strong THC value of 26%, which can induce positive feelings of gladness and euphoria.


Exotic Genetix initially developed cookies and Cream. Cookies and Cream are mixed with a mixed family background, first rooted in the infame Girl Scout Cookies. Her later adolescence belongs to a loose cross between the strain Starfighter and a presently undisclosed phenotype of Girl Scout Cookies.

Cookies and Cream won the first position in the 2014 Denver Pot Cup hybrid division, primarily the weed Olympics at that time.

Cookies and Cream are a mixture, which implies that it incorporates both conventional and Sativa properties. This encourages it to be more flexible in its impact, rendering it more a daily strain than a particular indicia or Sativa.

Cookies and Cream belong to the family Cookies, which implies that they are one of the countless Girls Scout Cookies cannabis strain descendants. Cookies and Cream, therefore, have a certain historical background, not quite unlike a very old Scotch from an ancestral pub; it has a history, and its character and a long line of genetics that all contribute to the very weed you have.


Cookies and Cream are surprisingly popular for their scent and taste. Cookies and Cream reminisce in their very sweet notes on both the lips and the nose with the same taste with ice cream.

The vanilla taste is somewhat vague, rather than the bold, strong, vanilla bean you might find with some ice creams – it’s far similar to vanilla earned with fine whisky from oak barrels if you can believe it. It also has an earthy richness history, which lends many people to assume that Cookies and Creams are a different strain.

It has a very conventional nugget look, with a fine weed kief lining up the sides. The Kief has an oddly strong scent that allows you to enjoy the whole event.


Like several other strains in the larger family of Cookies, Cookies and Cream offer an overall high degree of satisfaction, euphoria, and delight. Due to its combination form, Cookies and Cream render you not so tired and allow you to enjoy its high cerebral impact.

Cookies and cream are often purchased and used for relaxing and pleasure but are also very popular for incredible energy.


The most famous usage of cookies and creams is its capacity to deal with anxiety by far. It can help alleviate chronic and incidental distress overall and can also make you feel more relaxed. It is often used to manage both stress and discomfort, but it is more linked to its THC content and its effects on the endocannabinoid system.


Thanks to the combination of cookies and cream with its soothing and strong THC, it is perfect for treating excessive mood problems and general body pain and all can be purchased at Tale of Two Strains. If you’re planning to try this incredible calming pressure, why are you waiting?

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