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The Tale of Two Strains potent high is always close to debilitating, with the propensity to make users dive into the comfort of couches, with their heads suspended for hours in a state best described as a euphoria fog. This strain is a product of Rare Darkness and Chemdawg—all these are high quality strains with high THC levels, and is therefore heavily hits its users, so that they can manage severe pain in the joints. Speaking from experience this product was the end of my many years of struggle with severe back aches. In comparison to other classic indica strains like Afghani, this strain can be considered to be ahead of its time. The effects from its look alikes is not even close.

Her THC levels of 15% might not be that high, but don’t let that deceive you into thinking that it cannot move mountains. Its buds, have bright amber trichomes, are round and fluffy, with orange pistils on an olive-green base from Tale of Two Strains. Its sharp diesel odor might leave you coughing, and when you burn it, its spices and herbs fill the rooms atmosphere. This strain can also be used by beginners or those not seeking to have a very serious cannabis effect. This is a strain best for evenings and night times after work and all day’s errands. The strain is also a great choice for medical uses, and apart from the back pains explained earlier, the strain also effectively helps with the management and treatment of eating disorders, insomnia, and could also help to give you some gash of excitement on a boring day. It’s important to underpin on its diesel flavor as this to some users causes an initial sharp punch on the throat and might make you just want to try another strain, but hold on! This mostly happens only after the first puff, and if you a weed smoker, this is something you have certainly been through before and therefore, nothing to fear.

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