Cannabis and Arthritis

It is evident that in the United States, the population of the elderly is growing over time and arthritis is the most common illness of the elderly. According to studies from the American Centers for Disease Control, about three million Americans have arthritis, and over time this number is increasing rapidly. A recent research indicates that 60 % of women suffer from this condition Tale of two Strains can help

In this article, we can speak about how cannabis is extremely helpful for diseases like arthritis.

What is Arthritis?

The word “arthritis” defines 200 rheumatic conditions that harm the joints and the underlying tissues. This causes pain and discomfort in the joints of the human body, which makes the daily work difficult, and if it is not treated properly in time, it may be difficult for you to move.

How can cannabis help Arthritis?

Although cannabis is classified by the federal government as a Schedule I substance, this implies that it is deemed extremely addictive, lacks a medicinal benefit, and is banned for scientific opinion, but based on an amount of effective pre-clinical and clinical trials. In the joy of many, these findings indicate that cannabis has anti-inflammatory properties that may help people with arthritis to enjoy better and healthy lives. Cannabis is now becoming increasingly common as a cure for arthritis. Cannabis can relieve discomfort and stiffness without the negative adverse effects of excessive NSAID or opiate usage.

The Canadian Arthritis Society sponsored a three-year study project in the summer of 2015 for a research scientist at Dalhousie University to evaluate whether marijuana can alleviate discomfort or heal arthritis. Pain sensing nerves are full of receptors of cannabinoids, and cannabinoids can regulate the fire of pain impulses from the joint into the brain by keeping nerving receptors, according to researcher Jason McDougall.

Another clinical research, carried out by the Royal National Hospital for Rheumatic Diseases in the UK, has found that cannabinoids have clinically increased movement discomfort, rest discomfort, and sleep efficiency.

At a period where opioids misuse is rising, cannabis may be a much less dangerous and toxic option to manage patients dealing with severe arthritis pain. According to Mike Hart, MD, Ontario Chapter Lead Doctor for Trauma Weed, “Cannabis is much more powerful and healthy than opioids. The research suggests that weed is much better than opioids. It’s not even near. Opioids have murdered more lives than any illicit substance, though cannabis never murdered a single user.

Cannabis is not only a successful solution to NSAID or pain treatment; it may also help patients get rid of risky medications such as opioids. “I have personally assisted hundreds of people to minimize or eradicate their reliance on opioids,” says Dr. Hart.

In addition to the growing number of practitioners understanding the medicinal potential of cannabis in the medical field, the public has grown increasingly open to the use of medical marijuana.

CBS News performed a nationwide study in January 2014 showing that 86 percent of Americans agree that physicians should administer weed for patients with chronic illnesses such as arthritis. Back in 2004, the 35 million-member American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) released a nationwide survey finding that 72 percent of the elderly people  favor medicinal use  of cannabis in patients.

Can you use medicinal marijuana to regulate the effects of arthritis? If so, which strains did you find the greatest help? In the comments, express your suggestions!