Blue Heron

Blue Heron from Tale of two strains is an Indica dominated type that is known for its numerous medicinal uses. It smells like blackberries and lemon and decreases persistent anxiety, stress as well as other mood-related disorders and extreme chronic illnesses.


Blue Heron is a prevalent Indica hybrid strain produced by Dynasty Seeds. Blue Magoo and Huckleberry combined and developed a skunky and blueberry aromatic hybrid strain.

This combination is famous because of the long-lasting experience of euphoria it creates from the very beginning. Blue Heron is a favorite of many indica lovers not only because of its therapeutic effect but also because it is capable of treating many debilitating and challenging disorders that make a significant difference in the lives of patients.


Blue Heron is about helping you feel incredibly comfortable in the first place, making it an excellent option for a weekend treat or an evening adventure. This bud will help you to calm any areas of your body that were influenced by some everyday tension you may have encountered.

The highly potent weed strain will render you feel euphoric from the start, and this feeling will come again and again during your high. Blue Heron can help you drive up your mood that may feel like a bit of a surprise physically and mentally. Blue Heron is very strong to leave you even stronger than you did, and the mood will improve. This plant encourages its consumers to feel uplifted and empowered.


The Blue Heron is strongly aromatic and separates itself from the others with its distinctive rose and blueberry fragrance. Lemon and citrus surprises can be sensed even in their aromas, with a richness that still is present in this tasty herb.

Blue Heron is delightful with all the ways, too. This strain has a smell that sounds like chlorine in tandem with fruity and sweet colours. You can see on the exhalation how fresh it is, along with a nice, aromatic sound that appealed to anyone who wants a good treat.


Blue Heron is a very functional medicinal strain renowned for the various forms in which it may be used to manage acute and chronic diseases. The strain is the best option in the management of persistent tension because it helps you feel emotionally comfortable without bored with other alternatives.


This bud has the potential to alleviate, particularly in extreme cases, symptoms of persistent depression. Blue Heron will help you feel confident and cheerful during the busy day. Many that suffer from chronic exhaustion often profit from this strong strain on a daily basis.

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