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TaleOfTwoStrains Afgoo is a versatile hybrid with very high yields. This beautifully soothing strain involves plunging you into a dreamlike state of mind and empowering you to solve all your problems. This 80% indicia is a very popular strain and is common in high demand among cannabis lovers.


Afgoo is a heavy Indica-dominant strain owing to the crossing of two high-level parents, namely Afghani indica and Maui Haze. Afgooey is also classified as Afgooey. This strain of Sativa offers a perfect balance since it brings an uplifting and calming high impact.

This strain is very famous due to its amazing properties; it is very renowned for produces a calming state of mind that makes it suitable for smoking at the end of a long day. Afgoo is excellent for developing a deep sleepy high that will make you stick like glue to your couch and watch your environment.


Afgoo is just about making you the most gentle, relaxed, patient human being. It’s heavy-handed, so go straight or plan to stick on the sofa, because 80 percent of this indica is a very solid smoke and don’t allow you to do something during its impact.

This potent strain will help you comfortable and leave your exhausting day behind. Afgoo will also make you very tired, particularly at high doses, so this may be the solution if you feel restless and cannot get a restful night of sleep without support.

Afgoo is a great mood lifter, which helps you to think about happy stuff and remain in a dreamy and hazy mind. This potent strain promises to raise and empower you, with unexpected spikes of euphoria that can transform into uncontrollable giggling.


Afgoo has a heavy organic fragrance that would instantly attract to you. This strain is distinguished by a pungent earthy appearance containing spicy and sweet surprises. Its aroma is prevalent and heavy, so wait a while to linger in the breeze, even when the bud has already left the room.

This strain tastes like pine taste, a natural herbal feel that refreshes the senses. Afgoo is spicy and woody with a surprise of a heavy skunky flavour, leaving a sticky, pleasant aftertaste in your mouth.


Afgoo has expanded its prominence owing to its multiple roles and abilities in the medical sector. This strain is known to be the best choice for patients who have chronic discomfort, anxiety and depression.

This potent strain is also a perfect option if you choose to relax at the end of a busy day. Afgoo is considered to be an excellent cure for those who have limited sleep, and it can slowly contribute to a sense of calm that can be intensified with a higher dosage. Headaches and migraines are quickly cured by smoking this magnificent bud.


If you are worried and anxious about needless concerns, TaleOfTwoStrains Afgoo may be the perfect choice due to its calming qualities. If you are interested in trying this potent strain, then why are you waiting now? Visit Ganjaexpress.to, one of the leading online dispensary, and order now Afgoo and start enjoying its incredible impacts.

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